Maggie Hassan: Making Opiates easier to get than Marijuana

Maggie Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire, has been working hard since she took office to make sure that it is eeasier to get Opiates than it is to get Medical Marijuana. Any doctor, with no special controls, can prescribe deadly and addictive drugs, like Methadone, Oxycodone and Fentanyl, while they cannot legally prescribe Marijuana to anybody, due to Maggie Hassan’s foot dragging and outright hostility. Even when it is available medically in New Hampshire, likely after Maggie is out of office and no longer able to obstruct progress, it will require a special card to obtain it, it will have to be obtained by a tiny cartel of dispensaries (run by the politically connected) and unlike any other drug in the world, it will be limited to use for specific government approved disorders, and Opiate addiction is not one of them.

Marijuana must be harder to get than Opiates, Maggie says, because of the gateway effect. Some small percentage of Marijuana users might go on to use really dangerous drugs; like Opiates. But this makes no sense: A few Marijuana users might eventually use Opiates. Opiate users are using them right now.

The “treatment” offered to Heroin addicts sheds further light. They are treated with Legal Opiates, provided by Maggie Hassan’s cronies in Big Pharma. That’s not a treatment at all … it’s just shifting profits. The drugs they use — Suboxone and Methadone — offer more severe withdrawals than illegal Heroin. This is one of the reasons 12-step programs advise against their use.  Maggie’s substitute for a terrible addiction is a worse one.

Are there other ways to treat addicts? Scientists are finding ways to treat Opiate addiction, using safe but illegal drugs. Unfortunately, Government is doing all it can to obstruct their research. Some results, however, are starting to trickle in. Recovering Opiate addicts are more likely to stay clean if they smoke Marijuana than if they do not. Opiate addiction may well be curable for life by three therapy sessions assisted by Psilocybin. This would be terrible news for Big Pharma. Curing disease is not as profitable as holding it in abeyance.

It is not just Big Pharma that benefits from prohibitionist policies.  Marijuana prohibition forces those who want to obey the law to prefer deadly alcohol to safe recreational Marijuana.

The Prison/Industrial complex and the Police Unions love the drug war.  They get more power, more toys, the ability to steal your money without any evidence of a crime, more overtime and more slave labor by prisoners caught up in Maggie’s “solution”.  Of course, they love Maggie.

The Chemical Dependency Industrial Complex also appreciates Maggie.  Governments force people into their treatment centers before they are ready, which means that they end up going to treatment several times before they get clean.  Governments force people into their Methadone programs, so they can keep making money off them forever.  Governments force so many people to go to 12 step programs prematurely that they sometimes harm the effectiveness of these programs, which are the only ones to show any success.  The “Treatment” offered by “Treatment Centers” primarily revolves around driving them to AA and NA meetings, or bringing such meetings to their centers.

In summary, Maggie Hassan’s solution to the Heroin epidemic, giving more money to her Cronies, is not working, and it is not going to work. She should get out of the way, and let people solve their own problems, rather than destroying their lives by putting them in prison.  Prison is NOT a safe and effective treatment for any medical disorder, including addiction.  It is a place for those who harm others, not for those who harm themselves.

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  1. Maggie, grow some balls. You know of the benefits of marijuana. Time to help people NOW and stop playing politics. For some you may literally be holding their lives in your hand!

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